Whippet fact sheet

  1. Whippets are clean, largely hairless, easy to house train and very very good at sleeping.
  2. A whippet puppy's nose grows suddenly and with purpose at about three-four months.
  3. A running whippet is a happy whippet, but sometimes young ones forget they can do it for weeks.
  4. They chew soft things at head height, but will not nibble people unless excited during play, when it will be an accident if it hurts.
  5. Despite its size a whippet puppy is capable of fat man-like farts. Of course it has no social graces and will do this wherever it likes, irrespective of company. It does not respond to disquiet about it's output and will carry on all night.
  6. Puppy whippets are amongst the prettiest in the park.
  7. Frank drops less hair than Jess.
  8. Whippets are fussy eaters, unless it is what you're eating. If we ate dog food, they would love it.
  9. They do not whine or bark a great deal unless excited or hungry or sad.
  10. Whippets can jump very high, especially if freedom is on the other side.
  11. They do not like the wet and will rub themselves on you or other absorbent things like new sofas to achieve a state of dryness.
  12. Other animals' poo will be licked, eaten and walked in without regard.
  13. Whippets love their pack and want to be as close to it as possible. This makes walking off the lead easy and separation at night uneasy.
  14. They need clothes in winter but will quiver anyway.